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CITY SPORT - quality caps since 1898

The company CITY SPORT

The City Sports History

When Victor Declercq,
one of the leading textile merchant who had the idea to set up a cap factory, he could never his company's success to experience 100 years later was foreseen.

He formed his company, along with his wife Marie Olivier and seven craftsmen from Diksmuide.

Over the years, CITY SPORT has been a household name for quality caps as exclusive fashion accessory for the discerning gentleman. The company has always offered a wide selection of caps in exclusive styles and fabrics.

The fourth generation is now reaping the fruits of previous generations and is now preparing for the future, but without contact with the family traditions and creativity.

The city sports cap is now in all European countries, but the spirit and production is still in Ardooie, a small village near Bruges in Belgium.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items