Bow ties

Here you will find our wide selection of bow ties for men. You can buy them already tied or those you must bind. We always have bow ties in many different colors and in different designs. Common to all our bow ties is that the quality is top notch, and that they will be able to meet even the most discerning man's needs and requirements.

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  • Patterned bow ties

    Patterned bow ties

    Here you will find our complete range of patterned bow ties for men who already bound. We always have many different variations of the classical, patterned bow ties at stock. Quality is our patterned bow ties very top, no matter which model you choose. Take a closer look at our selection within patterned butterflys below.

  • Freestyle Bow Ties

    Freestyle Bow Ties

    Here you will find our wide selection of self-tie bow ties. If you wish to obtain the classic and stylish look, then a self-tie bow tie is a sure winner. You will radiate both overview and control. Freestyle Bow Ties fits perfectly into the busy businessman or if you have a walk on the fine restaurant. We always have a large selection of self-tie bow ties in stock, in many color variations and design.

  • Cummerbund

    Here you will find our great selection of cummerbund set with bow tie and handkerchief. You can see our full range of accessories for formal occasions by clicking in the left menu.

  • Plain bow ties

    Here you will find our complete range of plain color bow ties for men and women who are already bound. Should we really be stylish and well dressed when going out, so there are few better way to achieve the perfect gentleman look, than with plain colored bow ties or cummerbund. Bowties and cummerbunds is the perfect look for the man who has control of proceedings. Check out our large selection within plain color bow ties and cummerbund below.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 63 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 63 items